A web developer by day and music nut by night (and weekends).


I grew up by Asbury Park, so music and beach culture have always played a huge role in shaping my life. I graduated Rutgers University in 2009 with a B.A. in Information Technology and have been a web developer (and sometimes graphic designer) ever since. In 2016 I took a look at how far web development has come and realized that it was time to reinvest in my abilities as a developer, so I enrolled in the Rutgers Coding Bootcamp for Full Stack Development and haven't looked back.

I'm incredibly interested in new technology in really any field as long as I find it to have a positive impact on society, especially pertaining to the discovery & curation of music. When I'm not working on web sites and applications, you can usually find me enjoying the company of good friends or at a concert.

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Alex Rosenkranz
31 Cindy Lane
Ocean, NJ 07764
P: 732.233.2750
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